Report a Representative/Member Guideline

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Report a Representative/Member Guideline

Post by King Pleb on Mon Apr 04, 2016 8:54 am

This is the Guideline for reporting a Representative/Member. You must use this Guideline or your report will not be processed.

Your name:
Name of Representative:
Representative's forum account:
What happened:
When did this happen:
Why did this happen:
Who was involved:
Proof (if applicable):
Extra notes:

Providing proof is a sure way of making the report being processed quicker and having the issue resolved. If you don't have any form of proof your report will most likely be dismissed.

Note #1: This guideline can be changed at anytime.
Note #2: Falsely reporting a Representative/Member will result in a punishment and or warning.
Note #3: This guideline is to also be used to report the Administrators/Site Admin.

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