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Official Rank List

Post by King Pleb on Fri Apr 01, 2016 7:15 pm

Here are all the ranks that are on the forums, their roles and who would have the position. Do not ask for a rank. If you deserve a rank you will be given one. Asking for one only makes you less likely to receive one.
Last Updated: [3/31/2016]

-> Site Admin Site Admin: Basically the same as Administrator except the Site Admin controls and updates the forums.

-> Admin Administrators: Administrators are the Chairmen of the SGAGaming (so is the Site Admin). Their role is to watch over the Forums, SGAGaming and it's members.

-> Global Moderator  Global Moderators: Global Moderators are Representatives of SGAGaming. Their role is to help manage/moderate SGAGaming within events and on the forums. The Representatives can lose their Rank on the forums if they are deemed incapable of doing their duty.

-> Moderator Moderators: Moderators are trusted non representatives to help watch over the forums and within the SGAGaming. They don't have any power within SGAGaming other than being trusted and they report things directly to the Offical SGAGaming staff. They do however have power on the forums. They have basic Moderator permissions.

-> Veteran Veteran: Veterans don't have any special permissions other than having a rank show that they've been in the SGAGaming for a long period of time or are highly respected within SGAGaming. This rank is not given out easily. Note: Veterans have their own special forum section to themselves.

-> Champion Champion Ranks!: There are multiple ranks for this. Champion rank shows that you've become a champion over a specific game in a tournament.

-> Past Champion Past Champion: A rank given to those that were once a champion in a tournament.

-> Heart <3 <3: This is just a rank to show our appreciation to those that are or have helped SGAGaming in a great way.

-> SGA Representative: A rank given to Representatives of SGA.

-> LAJC Staff: This is just a rank that's given to those that work at our favorite place! They have no special permissions on the forums. (Besides for Mrs. Birdsong of course Very Happy)
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